Best Electric Razor 2014 – Shaving with Quicker and Affordable Price

Best Electric Razor 2014

There are two kinds of electric razors utilized by men. The first is the foil typed and the second one is the Rotary typed electric razor. Electric razors have become very popular nowadays as to begin with, they save a lot of time and the productivity is great which gives complete guaranteed satisfaction to men. Because of mass is a majority of people have started using these electric razors making it the best choice to allow them to shave the unwanted hair using their body. Let us very first time ahead and see the meaning and the basic distinction between the foil and the rotary typed electric shavers.
The rotary blade shaver is really a triangular shaped shaver where you can find three small circular shape of the blades. There are these circular cutters attached in a triangular form. These small circulars help the unwanted hair to be eliminated. It needs to be applied on the skin in a way as though the first is applying a skin tonic.

A unique electric razor that is associated with Germany is the greatest rated shaver for males. The reason behind this is that many from the men prefer this electric razor due to the ease and the convenience it offers while shaving. Normally the tension with the electric razors is how to stop the unwanted hair at the most delicate and sensitive places like under the nose. Braun 7790cc Pulsonic shaver protects this factor and does not allow the sensitive skin to obtain damaged. Moreover the cleaning from the electric shaver and to ensure that it stays ready for the following me is essential and there is a large amount of convenience in doing that.
Philips Norelco 1280X Senso Touch 3D
• Innovative shaving technology
• Shaving product is rotary based one
• Independent functioning of blades
• Easy and smooth shaving on jaw and necklines.
Philips Norelco 1280X Senso touch 3D is popular due to the innovativeness that it offers in its operation. Being in the category of rotary shaving system the 3 blades lying beneath one another function independently and provide a very clean shave without providing any injury to your skin. So convenient may be the glide from the blades on the face that even areas like the neck and jaws are wonderfully shaved. Though it can be used as both wet and the dry shaves, this is the most suitable for the wet shaves.
Panasonic ESLV 81 K Arc
• Japanese blades
• 5 blades shaving technology
• Reaches the roots from the hairs giving a clean shave.
• Motor provides a rotation of 14000 rpm.
• Noise free operation.
Panasonic ESLV 81 K Arc may be the electric razor containing blades specially produced from Japan and it is the latest entrant in to the electric shaving market, which quite simply implies that it is manufactured in the year 2014. Because of the existence of five-blade technology, the shaving effect is quite quicker and with no hassles. Actually, this latest electric razor is regarded as the fastest electric shaver of the season. One of the important features is the noiseless operation of this electric razor.

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